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The film industry is as successful now as it has ever been; from massive Hollywood blockbuster franchises, to the critical and commercial successes of independent films such as 12 Years a Slave and La La Land. In Film Studies you will explore the history of the film industry, as well as contemporary examples of mainstream and independent films. You learn how to fully deconstruct film texts (cinematography, editing, lighting) as well as how to make films.


In Film Studies you will explore the following areas:
Hollywood 1930-1990
Modern American independent films
Global film including:
i. Contemporary UK film
ii. Global English language
iii. Global non-English language
We study various theorists, approaches and case studies to understand how these areas of the film industry work


Exam Board: Eduqas
For this GCSE, there are two examinations (worth 35% each) as well as a Controlled Assessment project (worth 30%)
The examinations are based on using case studies analysed in class, with some unseen material to assess your ability to analyse new texts. There are both short questions, and longer essay style questions on both exams.
The Controlled Assessment involves researching, planning and creating a film text (either a short film extract or a script and storyboard.