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Technology plays a significant role in the way data is collected, communicated and stored all around us. Understanding how and why data is gathered and being able to turn raw data into something meaningful is essential as learners move through education and into employment.  This course aims to improve students’ knowledge of the digital environment and their confidence with Information Technologies.  They will learn about issues relating to data management and will develop practical skills by planning and creating technological solutions to communicate information.


There are two units:

R012: Understanding tools, techniques, methods and processes for technological solutions

Students develop their knowledge and understanding of different hardware and software applications and the tools and techniques used to select, store, manipulate and present data.

They also explore the various risks associated with the collection, storage and use of data, including legal, moral, ethical and security issues, and how such risks can be mitigated.

R013: Developing technological solutions

•  Students create a technological solution that processes data and communicates information, following the phases of the project life cycle using different hardware and software technologies to create an integrated technological solution.

•  They develop practical skills such as carrying out a SWOT analysis, creating GANTT charts, developing online surveys, and presenting data through web-based technologies.


Exam board: OCR

•  Unit R012 is assessed by an exam in Year 11 and marked by the exam board (1 hour 45 minutes).

•  Unit R013 is marked by your centre staff and moderated by the exam board (approximately 20 hours).  You will complete this at the end of Year 10.