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AQA GCSE Leisure and Tourism offers candidates the opportunity to know and understand about leisure and tourism activities and provision in the UK and abroad, gain skills in applying their knowledge to real world situations, including in planning and carrying out investigations & learn to analyse and evaluate evidence and sources, to make reasoned judgements and to draw conclusions.


Unit 1 Understanding leisure and tourism destinations
The range of leisure and tourism destinations in the UK and abroad.
How people choose which destinations to visit.
Visitor attractions and activities.
Methods of travel available to leisure and tourism destinations and why people choose them.
Impact of tourism on communities and the environment.
The importance of sustainability in leisure and tourism. Ecotourism.
Unit 2 The nature of leisure and tourism
Why people use leisure and tourism facilities.
Different types of leisure and tourism organisations and facilities.
The UK’s rapidly changing leisure and tourism industry.
Leisure and tourism organisations as businesses.
The range of employment opportunities in the leisure and tourism industry.


Unit 1 – 40% external assessment: External assessment. 1 hour. Short and longer answers examination paper.
Unit 2 – 60% controlled assessment: A choice of one from a menu of three investigative tasks.