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Mathematics is an interconnected subject in which pupils need to be able to move fluently between representations of mathematical ideas. The programme of study for key stage 4 is organised into apparently distinct domains, but pupils will develop and consolidate connections across mathematical ideas. Students will build on learning from key stage 3 to further develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated problems.
We study maths because it is a creative and highly inter-connected discipline that teaches us a way of thinking. It provides us with methods and strategies for solving all sorts of problems in the world beyond the classroom. Maths is essential to everyday life, it teaches us to process and organise information, then interpret it so that intelligent decisions can be made. It teaches us how to plan, think logically and how to experiment, test and evaluate. A mathematics education provides a foundation for understanding the world.
Maths is a core subject so all students study it to GCSE.


Maths at GCSE continues from what you have studied previously in KS3. Many familiar topics will be extended and new topics will be introduced.
GCSE maths includes the broad topic areas of;
Algebra / Probability
Geometry and measures
Statistics (Data)
Ratio and proportion


Exam Board: AQA
You will be entered at either FOUNDATION TIER (enabling grades 1 – 5) or HIGHER TIER (enabling grades 4 – 9). Final decisions on tier entry will be made during Year 11.
You will be examined by three terminal examination papers (3 x 1 ½ hours each), one of these to be taken without the use of a calculator. You will also be regularly assessed to help monitor progress throughout 2 years.