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GCSE Science is an extension to the KS3 science course, where students look at aspects of the three main sciences in more depth and detail. GCSE Science is a core subject and has different pathways suited to all types of learner.


The Science GCSE content builds further on the foundation covered in KS3 and allows students to look into how aspects of science are reflected in everyday life. There will also be opportunity to develop on the practical skills learnt at KS3.
In Combined Science students will achieve 2 GCSE grades (9-1) by studying a combination of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
In Triple Science students will achieve 3 GCSE grades (9-1) by studying each of the three subjects separately. Teachers will identify students who are able enough to take Triple Science and the student will then also have to choose it as one of their Options to secure the additional time for what is an additional GCSE.
There will also be an Entry level route for those students who are not suited to the rigours of a full GCSE course. (This is gradually being added from Spring 2017. Initially we are aiming all of our students towards the Combined GCSE route.)


Exam Board: EdExcel
In GCSE Science whether Double Science or Triple Science all students will sit terminal exams in the subject. This means that there will be no modular examination system. Students who begin their GCSE in September 2017 will sit all of their examinations in summer 2019.
In both Combined Science and Triple Sciences students will sit separate papers themed to each science subject and within these themed papers there will also be practical application questions. Each question paper will contribute equally to the overall grade given for each subject.