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Whether you want a career in sport or just want a qualification that is widely recognised by universities and employers then a PE course is for you. Sport qualifications offer you the chance to develop a wide range of highly desirable, transferable skills through practical means. They demonstrate your ability to work as part of a team, improve social skills and show you understand how to live a healthy lifestyle. Students who opt for a Sports course develop their personal skills including communication, leadership and confidence. Career opportunities and further education courses may include; teaching, sports coaching, physiotherapist, sports psychologist, employment in the leisure industry and sports journalism. Furthermore, despite the courses being assessed mainly through examination or coursework, the practical elements are a chance to get a break from all the theory you may have in other subjects.

There are two courses to pick from – GCSE PE or Nationals in Sport. Read through the information on both courses to see which one you feel you are best suited to.


Developing sports skills
Sports leadership
Sport and the media
Working in the sports industry
Developing skills and knowledge in outdoor activities
This information will be taught mainly through classroom lessons and reinforced during practical sessions to help develop learning and knowledge through practical examples.


Exam board: OCR
1 x 1 Hour Exam (25 % of Course)
Contemporary Issues in Sport (Participation, funding, ethics and role models)
Coursework (3 x 25 % weighted pieces of coursework)
Developing Sports Skills (mandatory)
Assessed in two from the following…….
Sports Leadership
Sport & the Media
Working in the Sports Industry
Developing knowledge and skills in outdoor activities