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KS4 Revision Page

This is a really good starting point, or summary, that covers the basic questions for this subject. More specific materials are in the folders on our secure Revision page or have been given to students in lessons.

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How are the exams structured?


Two 1 hour and 45 minute papers:

PAPER 1 – Explorations in creative reading and writing [Fiction]

PAPER 2 – Writers’ viewpoints and perspectives [Non-fiction]

GCSE English Language

Tuesday 4th June 2019: Paper 1

Friday 7th June 2019: Paper 2

There is also a spoken language component to the GCSE award, but this is assessed internally and does not contribute to the final GCSE grade.

Where can we find past papers, etc?


The examination board is AQA.

Relevant materials can be accessed at


Learning materials relevant to your individual progress should also be sought from your English teacher. They can direct you to specific resources or create tasks appropriate to this relatively new GCSE.

What do we need to revise? Where should we start?


The examination process is balanced between READING and WRITING skills, requiring students to perform as both the recipient and producer of texts.

The student will need to engage with a range of different text types and should have access to a diverse variety of materials – newspaper articles, leaflets, letters, etc. Encouraging active reading outside of school is a key factor in supporting success in English studies.

What will we find in the subject folders on the secure site? Subject materials will refer visitors to the specifications of the GCSE English Language award.

Other resources will guide students through the curriculum details of the course and link information related to specific units.

There will also be a summary powerpoint related to information shared at the Yr11 support evening, offering key dates, unit components and helpful advice.

What are the most useful websites?


The examination specification and other relevant authorised materials can be located on the examining boards website [as stated above –

Other useful websites include:

GCSE Bitesize –

SparkNotes –

There are useful links and other helpful e-learning resources on the department’s English blog –