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KS4 Revision Page

This is a really good starting point, or summary, that covers the basic questions for this subject. More specific materials are in the folders on our secure Revision page or have been given to students in lessons.

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Subject: GCSE Music
How are the exams structured?


·         30% Performing: Record two pieces week beginning April 1st

·         30% Composing: Two of your own pieces handed in week beginning 1st April

·         40% listening exam: 1.5 hours

o   Section A – 1 hour – 8 listening questions with tracks on CD

o   Section B – 30 minutes – two extended writing questions on our set works; Haydn Symphony 101 ‘The Clock’, and three songs from the Beatle’s Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Herts Club Band

Where can we find past papers etc? There aren’t very many! Mr Piper and Mr Abba will hand out as appropriate.
What do we need to revise? Where should we start? Start with the musical elements – they are the key to everything!
What will we find in the subject folders on the secure site? In short, everything we’ve used at school, including vocab work, elements information and listening hints
What are the most useful websites?


·         BBC Bitesize

·         Mainwairing Music Blog

·         Youtube

· – particularly helpful for musical instruments