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KS4 Revision Page

This is a really good starting point, or summary, that covers the basic questions for this subject. More specific materials are in the folders on our secure Revision page or have been given to students in lessons.

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Subject: OCR Cambridge Nationals Sports Studies
How are the exams structured?


1 x 1 hour exam based on Contemporary Issues in Sport

The rest of the units are coursework based.

Where can we find past papers etc?


Official OCR Cambridge National Sports Studies website

Revision World


Ask a member of the PE department as we have a variety printed out.

What do we need to revise? Where should we start?


Make use of the homework booklets and worksheets completed in lessons.

The 4 LO’s on the exam are:

LO1 – Understand the issues which affect participation in sport

LO2 – Know about the role of sport in promoting values

LO3 – Understand the importance of hosting major sporting events

LO4 – Know about the role of national governing bodies in sport

What will we find in the subject folders on the secure site? This will be added to with information on the coursework in due course.
What are the most useful websites? – OCR Cambridge Nationals in Sport – Revision and past papers – Revision, research and exam questions.