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KS4 Revision Page

This is a really good starting point, or summary, that covers the basic questions for this subject. More specific materials are in the folders on our secure Revision page or have been given to students in lessons.

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Subject: Psychology
How are the exams structured?


Two exams – Unit 1 and Unit 2

Both 1hr 30 mins long and worth 50% each (90 marks)

Each exam has four sections.

Unit 1

Criminal Psychology


Psychological Problems

Research Methods – Design your own Investigation

Unit 2

Social Influence


Sleep and Dreaming

Research Methods – answering questions on a study

Where can we find past papers etc?


The old GCSE in Psychology was quite different in terms of content and topics. However, the old Research Methods papers are quite useful for general exam practice. These papers will be uploaded to our website.

There are examples of exam style questions in the following text books in Hodder’s OCR (9-1) GCSE Psychology text books ISBN: 978-1-5104-2322-0.

What do we need to revise? Where should we start?


Revise topic by topic as they are all in separate sections in the exam.

It is useful to find ways of separating topics – colour coding, different folders, different posters – as it can be easy to mix up different studies or different theories otherwise.

Make sure you know the difference between studies and theories when revising.

When revising studies, remember to focus on the findings of research as well as the procedure – you can be asked for either or both.

Make sure you know the difference between describing something and evaluating something as you prepare for the exam.

Although topics are separate from each other – look for the things they have in common too. For example, when evaluating studies you can often write about the same thing e.g. how representative the study was, how ethical it was, the weakness of the method used. It’s the same with theories. Focus on issues such as nature vs nurture, free will vs determinism, holism vs reductionism, is the theory too subjective? over-generalises or focuses too much in the individual?

Final tip: don’t just read your notes or other resources – do something active with the materials, such as mind maps, cue cards, past questions, etc.

What will we find in the subject folders on the secure site? Past Papers for Research Methods

Revision PowerPoints for Topics

Lesson PowerPoints

Revision Booklets for Research Methods

OCR Guides to Studies

What are the most useful websites?


There are no specific website for this GCSE or this specification. You have to be really careful with Psychology as a subject because the same study or same theory can be summarised in different ways which makes revision confusing. Websites are often aimed at older students doing higher qualifications so are more difficult than they need to be.

Research Methods is the kind of topic which is covered pretty well online so try websites such as or or

The website address for your GCSE Psychology qualification is

Do make sure that any research you do yourself is focused on OCR’s GCSE as the other GCSEs (AQA and EdExcel) may have the same broad topics but the actual content is different e.g. different studies.

You can often find useful tutorials on YouTube to illustrate theories and ideas but only focus on the bits that match what you have done in lessons.