Welcome from the Headteacher

Welcome to Wigston Academy which is proud to be part of Wigston Academies Trust. The Academy serves an 11-16 age group in Years 7 to 11 before they go to our Trust neighbour, Wigston College, for Sixth Form and the next phase of their education. In our schools, we aim to create a safe nurturing environment in which we know our students and they know us.

The Academy is a place where differences are celebrated and we recognise that learning is different for everyone. We have an inclusive approach to our lessons which helps make sure that no one is left behind and that each one of our students gets the help they need to move on and make progress.

We believe that what works best is working together. Relationships with students are central to that and so are relationships with parents. Our aim is that communication is strong between the school, the family and the student so that everyone knows what’s happening and why. We’ll never always get it right so when we don’t, we always ask you to talk to us.

We have an unbeatable record for sporting excellence as well as performing arts and audiences compare our productions such as ‘Shrek The Musical’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’ to West End performances. Whether before school at breakfast club; at lunch times with sports teams, SEND club and subject clubs or after school with matches and orchestras, there are endless opportunities for our children to get that something extra.

As Headteacher of Wigston Academy I do not have a very complicated philosophy in terms of what I believe makes the best schools and my approach is generally to keep things as straightforward as possible. My priorities are simply these: excellent examination outcomes, impeccable behaviour, great teaching and the widest possible range of high quality extra-curricular experiences for all students. With a clear focus and lots of hard work, these things are all achievable and will deliver what I think most parents want – happy children who leave school with plenty of choices available to them and well-equipped to cope with the world outside.

Mike Wilson