Written by Wigston Academy Students

Wigston Academy is a secondary school for 11 to 16 year old children in Wigston. It is here where students ‘learn, aspire, achieve’.

It’s not just the children that work hard, it is the staff too! They’re always very helpful and extremely approachable and put lots of effort into making lessons more fun, planning trips and enriched learning days.

We are always helped to reach our full potential during and outside of lessons (in extra-curricular clubs that are held here). Parents are always up to date on their child’s progress through the numerous reports they receive throughout the year and through parent’s evenings.

Lessons aren’t always written work, some lessons include time on computers, watching videos or short movie clips, drawing and doing experiments. We are always well rewarded when we do good things through achievement marks, prize draws, “The pride wall”, certificates and smaller prizes given out throughout the year.

Wigston Academy is a telling school with a strict anti-bullying policy this makes us feel much more secure, safe and happy in our school environment.

The school supports us in many ways such as:

Learning Support

Learning support is for pupils that may need extra help from time to time which gives them the confidence that they need.

The MAP and VAP scheme

The MAP and VAP scheme helps more able and very able pupils to achieve even higher levels.

Preparing us for our next school

Wigston Academy prepares us for our next school by giving us more responsibility to help us make the right choices for ourselves.

Homework clubs

Wigston Academy has set up homework clubs to help us get our homework in on time by giving us the opportunity to catch up with it at lunch times and after school.

PSHCE lessons

PSHCE lessons teach us about life skills and give us a better awareness of the issues surrounding the outside world.

Wigston Academy is a great school!