The uniform is part of our school ethos. In coming to Wigston Academy, parents, carers and students agree to support our uniform expectations. In line with our code of conduct, it is expected that students will dress smartly and take pride in their appearance and we would ask you to support the school in ensuring that your child is correctly dressed in uniform. There may be special fund-raising non-uniform days, but these will be made clear in advance. Students on day trips and visits will be expected to wear uniform unless they are told otherwise. Our uniform is practical, looks smart and is designed with health and safety in mind. Students have been consulted on uniform expectations.


  • Black traditional blazer with school badge. A school badge can be bought separately from school reception to sew or stick on to a standard black blazer.
  • Tailored plain black trousers (not skinny fit, jeans, cords, track suits bottoms or chinos) or plain black knee length skirt with black opaque tights.
  • Plain white shirt with collar
  • Wigston Academy tie. There are two. One for Years 7 and 8, and a different one for years 9, 10 and 11.
  • Plain black footwear
  • Plain white, grey or black socks- ankle length


    All shirts should be fully tucked in at all times and blazers should be worn by all students unless a student in years 7, 8, 9 and 10 has P.E. on that day when they can come in P.E uniform.  Year 11 students are expected to be in uniform all of the time and change for P.E.


    Wigston P.E. uniform

     Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 students MUST wear Wigston Academy P.E. uniform on the days they have P.E. lessons. The Wigston Academy P.E. Uniform consists of a school branded P.E. top and plain black bottoms. Students will be expected to wear plain black tracksuit bottoms or sports leggings or shorts if they do not want to wear the school branded track pant bottoms. Shorts need to be standard fit shorts or cycling shorts that are a minimum of mid-thigh length. All P.E. bottoms such as jogging bottoms or shorts must be plain black, white Adidas stripes etc. are not allowed.  For safety, students need to wear appropriate trainers and not canvas shoes such as converse which have no support for P.E. practical lessons.

    Year 11 students change on the day they have P.E.


    Trousers are to be tailored and of a traditional style and made of standard school trouser fabric.  The following are not allowed: jeans, denim trousers, trousers with rivets, trousers with low waist, trousers which are tight on the legs, leggings, skinny trousers, trousers that are not full length, trousers that follow a trend including; cords, culottes, ski pants, trousers with large buckles, frills or fashion accessories.

    Jumpers (Optional)

    These should be v neck and made of wool, cotton or blend. The following are not allowed: sweatshirts or items made from sweatshirt material, cardigans, items with zips or logos and vest tops.


    Jewellery should be discreet and adhere to health and safety rules such as no hoop earrings.

    Wrist watches are allowed and are the responsibility of students, smart watches are not allowed due to exam regulations. 

    Hair colour and styles

    Hairstyles should be reasonable and appropriate to being in a learning environment at school.  Colouring is only allowed if it is of a single normal hair colour, although natural colour highlights are acceptable.  (No bright colours).  Patterns, Mohicans, logos, coloured braiding, shaved patterns and tramlines are not permitted.


    Skirts should be knee length or just above, of a traditional style and made of standard school skirt fabric. The following are not allowed: lycra skirts, netted skirts, denim skirts, tight skirts, skirts with patterns, skirts with rivets or frills or skirts which follow a current trend.  Tights worn with a skirt need to be black opaque.  Students can wear plain black, white or grey ankle socks over tights.

    Footwear (no boots)

    Students are expected to wear PLAIN BLACK FOOTWEAR. Footwear that has different coloured logos, writing on or any colour is not acceptable. Plain black, low healed footwear which covers the foot and are suitable for school.  Trainers are accepted, but must be plain black with no logos. Canvas shoes such as Converse can be worn but not for PE.  Boots are not acceptable.

    Facial Piercings

    One pair of small stud earrings (or just one) is allowed. One stud in the nose is allowed. Any other piercings including tongue piercings are not acceptable. Piercings must be removed for P.E. or other activities as directed.

    Grip Socks

    Students in years 7, 8 and 9 will need ‘grippy socks for dance for health and safety reasons. 


    Students can wear black traditional knee length dress shorts, but no higher than the knee.  If shorts are worn these need to be worn with black, grey or white ankle socks.  Material and design must be dress shorts, not tight fitting and cannot be lycra, denim, cord, chino nor linen. 


    Shirts are to be plain white with no logos, frills or decoration.  Polo shirts are not allowed.  Shirts need to be tucked in with no visible T-shirts underneath and sleeves rolled down. 


    An additional coat will be needed according to the weather.  Coats must not be worn in school during lessons or change overs.  Hooded tops may be worn as a coat over the top of blazers but not underneath. 


    Makeup should be natural and discreet.

    False Eyelashes

    No false eyelashes

    False Nails

    No false nails, or acrylic or gel nails (nails should be of a ‘safe’ and appropriate length) as these can stop students writing and using equipment.

    Trends or extremes of fashions

    If students, parents or carers are unsure about what to wear or before having something done in relation to hair etc please check with staff.

    If students, parents or carers are unsure about what to wear, length or style or before having something done in relation to hair etc they must contact the Academy for advice in order to check with staff.

    Ordering Uniform and PE Kit

    Uniform and PE kit can be ordered by filling in an order form from the school office, by ordering on Uniform Direct’s website or by visiting their Leicester store – Uniform Direct, 54-56 Humberstone Gate, Leicester, LE1 3PJ.

    Ordering Uniform

    Making uniform easy!
    Schoolwear solutions are one of our official uniform providers. Based in Oadby with free onsite parking you can find them at 64 London Road, Oadby, LE2 5DH.
    You can order uniform online at www.schoolwearsolutions.com, Pop in to the shop or even book an appointment slot at the shop via the website.
    All compulsory items are in stock as well as there being a section of shirts, blouses, trousers and skirts.
    When students all wear the same clothing every day at school, it levels out the playing field. Any expectations on what to wear are removed and children develop a greater sense of equality.
    As a school we take great pride in all students wearing the correct uniform.