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Work for students who are absent:

If students are absent from school as a result of illness or injury, then they should continue to keep up to date with their school work when able by accessing and completing home learning. As a Trust, we are continuing to set work for students in cases of absence to reduce learning gaps and students feeling overwhelmed and behind when they return to school.

Students can access the same or similar material that is being covered in school during the period of absence. As well as using BBC bitesize, some subjects such as science and business studies use Seneca learning and PE and Sport use Everlearner.

Students should also aim to read at least 20 minutes a day to support literacy and vocabulary development.

Remote Learning - Parent Information

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Remote learning - Parent Information 8th December 202112 - 12 - 2021 Download

What can parents do to help?

• Setting up or allocating a quiet space for students to work will support them to work more effectively.
• Access to a computer, the internet and a printer would be beneficial but if this is not available, students can use any smart phone or digital device to access SMHW.
• Support students with passwords when gaining access to the digital resources. Often they need help to type these in accurately and remember them.

Where can I get help to support my son/ daughter?
• If students needs help with a specific piece of work then they should message the relevant teacher using SMHW (teachers will respond as soon as possible, but this could take up to 48 hours as per our communication policy)
• Students can message their subject tutor using Satchel:One for support, contact can also be made via email, although please understand that some teachers may not be able to respond due to their own illness or other absence.
• If you need help with passwords, accessing the Satchel:One platform, please email and we will get back to you with the information.